Looking after your senior pet

When is a pet classified as being senior or mature?

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Your Best Friend Could Be in Pain but Can’t Tell You

In many ways, cats and dogs are like their owners. As they get older, they start to suffer from aches and pains they never experienced when they were young – no wonder they start to slow down!

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RSPCA Operation Wanted

RSPCA Operation Wanted is an annual desexing initiative now in its 8th year. The campaign brings together councils, veterinary clinics, RSPCA Queensland and the community to work towards a better world for animals and the development of socially conscious animal communities.

From June 1 to August 31 our clinic will offer a 20% discount on desexing for cats and dogs.

Your support sees the reduction in numbers of unwanted and homeless animals as more and more animals are desexed, leading to improved animal welfare across Queensland. IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION.

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Please see below a list of our trading hours over Easter and Anzac Day. If you have a pet emergency whilst we are closed, please contact our usual afterhour services.  

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A list of our trading hours over the holiday season this year. If you have a pet emergency whilst we are closed, please contact clinic number to be directed to North Coast Emergency 5453 7555.

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COVID-19 Update

To continue to do our best to look after you and your beloved pets safely during this time, we ask that clients adhere to the following safety measures:

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Easter Trading Hours

Win A Royal Canin Diet for your Pet

It's important that your pets maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight can help them live a longer and happier life, delay the onset of some diseases, and improve their activity levels.

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Diet essentials for your new puppy or kitten

We've seen a huge increase in the number of new puppies and kittens being welcomed into families this year. With good nutrition being one of the most important factors in ensuring your furry family member grows up healthy and strong.

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Pets of Christmas Competition

We understand that our pets are a huge part of our family, so we want to see how they will be celebrating Christmas!

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