Registering your pet with the Sunshine Coast Council

Cat & Dog Registration

The Sunshine Coast Council is pretty serious about dog registration, and fines apply when non-registered dogs are found lost or roaming away from their home. However, when a registered dog is picked up for the first time, council assures me that the primary goal is to contact the owner and get the pet home to his or her family asap, without any fees or fines.


Does my cat have to be registered with the council?

  • By law, all pet cats on the sunshine coast are required to be registered with council.
  • This include cats who are kept indoors and those who are allowed to go outside as well.

How much does it cost to register my cat?

  • Kittens up to the age of 6 months old are free to register, whether they are desexed or not.
  • So, the savvy cat lover should register their kitten, and save money by leaving paid registration until renewal time which occurs for all registrations on the 1st of October each year.
  • Council has made it easy for us to register our neutered and microchipped pet cats , by offering a one off, lifetime registration fee of $79.
  • Any kittens or adult cats coming out of a refuge such as SCARS or the RSPCA, will already be desexed and microchipped, so, after they outgrow their kitten registration, they can be signed up for life.
  • The fee for registering non desexed cats is higher, although registered breeders qualify for a discount.

What’s the point if my cat is always inside?

  • Not all cats are easy to convince to stay indoors. Many a cunning feline has got past their owner and headed out to hunt and roam and perhaps indulge in a rumble with their neighbour.
  • When non-registered roaming cats are picked up by council, or brought to the pound by well meaning cat lovers concerned for their welfare, their owners stand to face a fine of up to $261.

How much does it cost to register my dog?

  • Desexed adult(>6months old) dogs cost $13 per year.
  • Non- desexed adult dogs(>6 months old) cost $133 per year.
  • Puppies are free!!(see below)

How do I register my pet with the council?

All registrations are renewable from the 30th of September each year and renewal notices will pop up in your inbox or come by snail mail.

When your dog is first registered with the Sunshine Coast Council, a registration tag will be posted out  to be attached to his or her collar. If your dog is anything like mine, collars get lost, and tags get broken off. Lost tags can be replaced by council.

Does my pet have to be microchipped to be registered with council?

  • YES!
  • Queensland urban animal management laws require all domestic dogs and cats to be microchipped from 12 weeks old. It is a simple and quick procedure, requiring one injection over the pet’s shoulders. Our team is very skilled at desensitising and distracting our patients with treats and cuddles, so they barely notice it happening.
  • Microchipping at Maroochy District Animal Hospital costs $55.
  • If your pet is already microchipped but you don’t know the number, bring him or her in to the hospital so we can do a quick scan to provide you with the number.

Do I have to register my puppy?

  • YES!
  • The great news is that puppy registration for dogs between 3 and 6 months old is FREE!
  • That means, if you register your 3 month old puppy in January, you have free registration until the 30th September, when that pup is coming up to 12 months old.
  • We generally recommend puppies that small to medium breed puppies are desexed at around 6 months old, and that larger breeds are left a bit later, to about 8-10 months old.
  • When the procedure is done, we provide you with a desexing certificate which can be forwarded to council and attached to your registered puppy’s file.
  • This way, when you get your dog registration renewal notice in the mail in September, it will reflect that your pet has been desexed, and your annual dog registration fee will be the reduced amount.

How many dogs can I have registered on my property?

  • Most urban and rural properties can have 2 dogs registered, and can apply to register a third.
  • There is a fee for  additional animal registration application, and council assures me that, in the absence of any pre-existing issues such as roaming or barking complaints, most applications are accepted.
  • Council usually sends an inspector out to the property to inspect fencing and ensure there is an adequate enclosure before the third dog registration is granted.
  • The application form, and information about applying to register a third dog is available on the council website.

How we can help at Maroochy District Animal Hospital

  • We are always happy to provide desexed dogs and cats with a desexing certificate, even if we did not do the procedure.
  • A brief examination of your pet will give us the info we need to sign off on them.
  • In addition, we can quickly scan your pet for a microchip to supply you with the number, so that you have all the information that you need for your registration with council.
  • We provide this service FREE OF CHARGE to all our new or existing clients and their pets.