Dr C-J Ryan

C-J brought a new range of expertise to our vet team when she joined us in june 23, with her enthusiasm for treating the more unusual pets, like guinea pigs, snakes and other small reptiles. 

C-J was born in Mount Isa but moved to the coast as a toddler, and had a childhood full of memorable interactions with unusual creatures. Her earliest memory is of being bitten by an eastern brown snake in the Isa, as a Steve Irwin obsessed two year old. She was rushed to emergency, and was lucky to have her parents run into a member of a local mob in the waiting room who quickly identified the snake and raised the alarm of the seriousness of the situation. C-J retains a respect and admiration for snakes, and is a proud permit holding pet snake owner, and the “Go TO” vet for any of our snake patients. Wisely, she has learnt to keep away from the venomous species. Crikey!!

As an 8 year old, C-J started her guinea pig kingdom when her cousin gave her her first pair, Kelly and Scooter. She soon learned what efficient breeders they were, and recruited  her grandfather to spend all his spare time building guinea pig condos ( to C-J’s  strict specifications of course). C-J discovered a delight and an obsession for these fabulous little creatures and credits them for inspiring her to become a veterinarian.

Over her first decade as a vet, C-J has become an amazing surgeon, with a passion for all types of surgery from dental, through to abdominal or orthopaedic surgeries. Another patient orientated passion is her drive to get our team and premises at MDAH internationally accredited as a “Stress Free Practice”. This goal’s focus is to examine and refine every interaction our patients have with us and our facility, even from before they leave home, to ensure that their experience is as stress free as it possibly can be.

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