Senior Veterinary Nurse

Suzanne Jack

Suzanne has always been a passionate wildlife carer spending many days and nights collecting and feeding precious Australian creatures of all shapes and sizes. Her commitment to her foster patients and the exceptional level of care she gave them was quickly recognised by the Australia Zoo Hospital team in their dealings with her, and they set out to convince her to join their team.

Suzanne spent a number of years working with Australia Zoo, becoming the primary carer for a pod of baby wombats, whom she reared from infancy to adulthood. Suzanne has a very big soft spot for wombats, having had the privilege to get to know these charismatic marsupials on a very personal level.

Suzanne pursued further challenges for her veterinary nursing career by becoming an emergency nurse working with the Sunshine Coast Pet ER. In the dynamic emergency environment, with it’s highs and lows, and demand for immediate action and quick thinking, Suzanne was able to hone her skills to ensure her emergency patients received the level of care they needed to get home safely.

Suzanne joined the team at Maroochy District Animal Hospital soon after it opened and has been instrumental in building the fantastic standards of care and commitment to excellence shared by all of our team.

Suzanne works weekends at MDAH where her emergency skills are definitely appreciated when unexpected pet emergencies turn up. On the flip side, when things are quiet, Suzanne always has a sunny smile and a friendly welcome for our clients, and an abundance of helpful advice about every possible species, from beagles to budgies, and wombats to wallabies.

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