Trudy Norwood

Trudy has been a vital part of the team at MDAH for almost a year now. With the experience of two decades working as a pivotal staff member at SCARS, the sunshine coast animal refuge at Sippy Downs, Trudy manages our reception with a calm, empathetic kindness that has quickly made her a favourite with our clients and their pets. Trudy still works at scars on a volunteer basis, and is busy here at MDAH with our patients, and at home with the 5 lucky rescue pets she has brought home from there over the years.

Trudy grew up with many pets. She very fondly recalls one of her favourites, a magnificent  german shepherd called Sheba who protected her and her family’s home in Toowoomba in the way that only a truly committed german shepherd can; with dignity and absolute authority. Trudy has always had a special spot in her heart for this valiant breed , despite filling her home with her adopted moggie cats and cross bred dogs  of all descriptions; a range of “wonder dogs”…she’ll always wonder what breed heritage makes up each unique and wonderful personality.

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