At Maroochy District Animal Hospital our team of vets and nurses are nuts about all kinds of pets! We are a family practice, with a commitment to provide excellent loving care to our patients, every day. That’s why we are open 7 days each week with no extra charges on Saturday and Sunday.

Our mission is to be your pet’s VET FOR LIFE. From babyhood to old age. We will be here for the long haul, developing long and trusting relationships with our patients and the people who love them, so they feel confident, comfortable and loved when they visit us.

Our vets have an unbeatable collection of skills: Crazy Dog Doctor Alice is passionate about all things canine and feline. From surgery and medicine, to managing dental or ear and skin disease, or looking after the special medical needs of our beautiful greyhound patients, Dr Alice thrives on building relationships with her patients to ensure they are at ease and feel loved and confident. Dr Barb, Dr KT, Dr Matt and Dr Belinda make up the rest of our passionate veterinarian team, ensuring there is always a vet on hand, with expertise and experience you can trust.

Meet our team
Dr Alice O'Hare
  • BVSc (Hons)

Dr Alice O'Hare graduated from the University of Queensland vet school in 1992, and launched straight into rural mixed practice. 'I have great memories of being the first female vet in a small NSW dairying community, spending my days driving from farm to farm through stunning countryside, testing my four wheel driving skills in creeks and paddocks. In those days my first border collie 'Mikey', was always at my side. I would chuckle to myself, that this daily stream of adventure was actually my job.'

A few years after graduating, Alice embarked on a working holiday in the UK, working in all kinds of practices, from London to Edinburgh. 'The contrast was pretty dramatic. I was visiting cows who spent their lives in ancient crumbling stone barns, and being presented with hamsters and hedgehogs; species I had never come across before.'

After a stint in Africa, visiting gorillas in the mist, elephants in orphanages, and lions on the veld, (purely as a tourist), Alice returned to Australia to settle on the Sunshine Coast and submerge herself in small animal practice.

Alice has a particular interest in treating dogs and cats with skin and ear diseases, an obsession stemming from her childhood companion, Peachy the poodle, whose skin allergies and ear infections needed constant attention.

When recently asked what she loves most about her job, Alice has no hesitation in saying that it is the interaction with her patients. 'Like people, in the animal world there are the extraverts and the introverts, the gregarious and the shy and anxious, and let's face it'they don't all like coming to the vet. Without a doubt, one of the most challenging, and most rewarding aspects of my role, is being able to build a relationship with our patients, and help them to be at ease whilst under our care. It is so important to be sensitive to the emotional state of our patients, especially when they are injured or unwell, and feeling vulnerable. It is so beautiful to be rewarded with their trust, and acceptance; as if they know that we are here to help them.'

To Alice, being a vet is the best job in the world. 'Playing a part in improving the quality and length of life of our precious pets is a privilege and an honor that I will never tire of'.

Experience & Expertise: Dr Alice has a particular passion for treating pets with itchy skin and ears. Skin disease in dogs and cats is very common and requires an indepth understanding to get to the bottom of your pet's issues.

Dr Kathryn Taylor
  • BVSc (Hons)

Dr Kathy Taylor graduated from the University of Queensland with Dr Alice in 1992, and started her career in mixed practice in Gympie. Kathy and Alice first had the opportunity to work together in Noosa, before Kathy moved to the UK to work with London's BlueCross Charity, where she stayed for 12 years. The BlueCross was an environment that was both dynamic and chaotic, where Kathy learnt to expect the unexpected; experiencing the highs and lows of big city veterinary charity work, which could deliver wonderful highs and terrible lows all on the same day.

In that environment, Kathy's diagnostic and surgical skills were honed to a high level of expertise, and she developed her confident solutions based approach, with optimism and empathy for each patient.

Kathy has been working with us at Maroochy District Animal Hospital part time over the last two years and is very popular with our clients for her authentic and energetic approach to patient care. She lights up the building like a rainbow of energy, and her enthusiasm for pets and veterinary practice is contagious.

Experience & Expertise: Kathy's diagnostic and surgical skills are honed to a high level of expertise. Her confident solutions based approach is with optimism and empathy for each patient.

Dr Barbara Kingston
  • BVSc (Hons)

With more than 20 years of experience in small animal practice, Dr Barb has worked in many practices in Australia and the Uk before settling on the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Barb has an incredible gentleness about her, which is apparent in the way she looks after her patients and the people who love them.

Dr Barb is a skilled diagnostician and emergency medicine vet and has been a pivotal part of the MDAH team since we opened.

In the veterinary world, experience teaches us to expect the unexpected. Dr Barb is often here on weekends, and with many surrounding practices closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Barb and Suzanne often are faced with emergencies in need of immediate attention.

Barb happily admits that her favorite type of emergency is the Sunday morning caesarean section, and the joy and satisfaction that comes with the getting to deliver a healthy litter of puppies into the world.

Experience & Expertise: Dr Barb is a skilled diagnostician and emergency medicine vet and has been a pivotal part of the MDAH team since we opened.

Dr Belinda Gotley
  • BVSc

Belinda graduated from The University of Queensland in 2002. She initially worked for a large group of practices on the Gold Coast for 5 years before heading off to the UK. Here she spent 6 years in small animal practice gaining experience with many rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters as well as travelling extensively. In 2014 Belinda chose to settle back in Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

She enjoys all aspects of small animal practice Including guinea pigs, rats, birds and wildlife with a special interest in ultrasonography, medicine and surgery. In her spare time she can be found swimming, paddle boarding, belly dancing, out searching for the finest flat white or learning the ukulele.

Experience & Expertise: Dr Belinda is a qualified Senior Veterinary Surgeon who is available to operate on complex cases including orthopaedic and soft tissue. She is also experienced in treating pocket and exotic pets.

Dr Hannah
  • BVSc
Practice Manager
Suzanne Jack
Vet Nurse

Suzanne has always been a passionate wildlife carer spending many days and nights collecting and feeding precious Australian creatures of all shapes and sizes. Her commitment to her foster patients and the exceptional level of care she gave them was quickly recognised by the Australia Zoo Hospital team in their dealings with her, and they set out to convince her to join their team.

Suzanne spent a number of years working with Australia Zoo, becoming the primary carer for a pod of baby wombats, whom she reared from infancy to adulthood. Suzanne has a very big soft spot for wombats, having had the privilege to get to know these charismatic marsupials on a very personal level.

Suzanne pursued further challenges for her veterinary nursing career by becoming an emergency nurse working with the Sunshine Coast Pet ER. In the dynamic emergency environment, with it's highs and lows, and demand for immediate action and quick thinking, Suzanne was able to hone her skills to ensure her emergency patients received the level of care they needed to get home safely.

Suzanne joined the team at Maroochy District Animal Hospital soon after it opened and has been instrumental in building the fantastic standards of care and commitment to excellence shared by all of our team.

Suzanne works weekends at MDAH where her emergency skills are definitely appreciated when unexpected pet emergencies turn up. On the flip side, when things are quiet, Suzanne always has a sunny smile and a friendly welcome for our clients, and an abundance of helpful advice about every possible species, from beagles to budgies, and wombats to wallabies.

Chynae Dawson
Vet Nurse

As the child of renowned Coolum Dog training guru, Steve Dawson, Chynae spent many evenings in vet surgeries as his puppy preschool offsider or helping out on ovals full of patiently sitting and staying dogs on Saturday mornings. When it came to be choosing a career path, it was a no brainer for Chynae to combine her love for dogs with her passion for caring for others and become a vet nurse. 12 years ago, Chynae started her school-based cert in vet nursing at Noosa District Animal Hospital soon after it opened, working with Dr Alice and Dr Mark.

In a few short years, Chynae went from award winning 'school based trainee of the year' to vet nurse team manager, guiding and co ordinating a team of 13 nurses, sharing her skills and passion, and teaching other nurses the art and science of being an intuitive patient advocate, dedicated to making each patient as comfortable, relaxed and secure as possible.

With Nalu now almost 4, and Bohana 1, Chynae is excited to revive her passion for patient care, and we are thrilled to have her on our team.

Lily Hulse
Vet Nurse

Lily was born into the vet world.

With Dr Alice as her mum, Lily started her career as an amateur vet nurse at a very young age. Growing up surrounded by dogs and horses at home, and an endless array of pet patients and wildlife, Lily always had boundless empathy for animals, and for as long as she could remember, had always had absolute conviction that she wanted to be a vet.

Lily is due to graduate from her degree in Veterinary Science at James Cook Uni at the end of 2020 as a fully fledged veterinarian, and in the meantime, spends her much of her uni breaks with us at Maroochy District Animal Hospital, acting as kennel hand, vet nurse, receptionist, or theatre assistant.

Steph Hackney
Vet Nurse

Steph is a qualified Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse who has been working in the industry since 2015. She loves working in general practice and has a special interest in surgical nursing.

Growing up, she was always surrounded by animals. She had 3 goats, 2 dogs, a pet turtle and loads of wildlife around her. Steph says, the best thing about being a veterinary nurse is knowing that she has the ability to positively impact the lives of her clients and patients every single day.

When Steph isn't at the clinic she loves to run with her Kelpie, Kiara along the beach. She also loves to spend time with her family, read, listen to music and take her stand up paddle board out on the water.

Vet Nurse
Vet Nurse
Vet Nurse
Kennel Hand